How Summer Dehydration Can Affect Oral Health

Summer is often a great time for getting out, traveling, and enjoying time with friends and family. But it can also be a dangerous time for your oral health. With higher temperatures and longer days, more and more people are likely to suffer from dehydration during the summer months. And dehydration can affect your oral health as well as your overall health. Staying properly hydrated could help reduce the risk of gum disease and cavities this summer. 

Dehydration can affect your oral health as well as your overall health, especially when traveling during the summer.

Signs of Dehydration

Noticing the early signs of dehydration is a great way to help keep your body in good shape as you enjoy travel or vacation. Signs of dehydration include:

  • Thirst
  • Headaches
  • Chapped lips
  • Muscle spasms/tightness
  • Lack of urination/dark urine

If you notice these symptoms, it’s a good idea to take a break and get some water to drink. A few minutes rest here and there can make all the difference in your oral and overall health.

How Dehydration Affects Oral Health

When we’re dehydrated, we aren’t producing as much saliva as our mouths need. Saliva plays a crucial role in keeping our teeth and gums healthy. It clears away food particles and bacteria to help prevent plaque buildup. Dehydration can often lead to dry mouth, which, overtime, can reduce your oral health. Keeping hydrated during the summer months could help you avoid cavities and gum disease that can ruin your vacation.

Tips for Staying Hydrated

A good rule of thumb is to drink if you feel thirsty. Thirst is often the body’s way of telling us we’re losing more water than we’re taking in. Even if you aren’t sweating, or don’t feel like you’ve lost too much water, listening to your body is always a good idea. 

It’s also important to keep an eye on what you drink as well. Water is the best way to stay hydrated. Drinks that are high in sugar, such as sodas, can actually contribute to dehydration rather than improve it. If you aren’t a fan of water, try a fruit infuser to help with the flavor. But be mindful of flavored waters that could contain sugar or artificial sweeteners that might increase your risk of developing plaque.

Start Your Summer With a Cleaning

Starting out with a clean and healthy mouth could help reduce the chances of developing decay or damage as you travel. Contact our office today at 940-340-4588 to schedule your next hygiene appointment in time for your summer travel.