Burkburnett Family Dental Smile Gallery

Those Wonderful, Burkburnett Smiles

Take a look through our Smile Gallery to view before and after photos of our patients. We hope their treatment results inspire you to visit our Burkburnett office for the best dental care near you.

Case 1

Before and after teeth whitening

Case 2

Before and after porcelain veneers

Case 3

Before and after Invisalign

Case 4

Before and after white dental fillings

Case 5

Before and after dental crowns

Procedure Performed:  Whitening and crowns on upper anterior teeth and lower canines

Case 6

Before and after dental implants

Procedure Performed: Treatment was composite resin restorations and crowns for cavities, implants to replace missing teeth.


Case 7

Before and after veneers and crowns

Procedure Performed: Veneers and Crowns on upper front teeth.